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  • Rizwan Khan

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • SAScoat Vietnam
Rizwan Khan
Chief Financial Officer
SAScoat Vietnam
Rizwan Khan is currently working as a CFO of a manufacturing company. He started his career in 1997 with Big 4 (PWC) in financial audit. During his time there he developed interest in IT Audit and Financial Consulting and moved to another financial consulting firm in 2000. In 2004 he moved to Thailand to manage the financial consulting and business development activities of the firm. Later he moved to Vietnam in 2008 and in 2011 he joined an audit firm to establish its Risk Services department and while doing so he also worked briefly in Cambodia as well. In 2012, he left the consulting arena to embark on a new challenge of being a full time CFO in a manufacturing company in Vietnam.

Rizwan has been working in ASEAN countries since 2004 at different positions and is keen in developing the professionals in this vibrant region. He has worked in different industries such as oil and gas, banking and finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and automobile etc. as consultant and/or at senior management positions. He has worked extensively on the turnaround management of the companies in Asia, especially in ASEAN region. As a professional in finance and economics, Rizwan has an interest in normative economics with special focus on development economics. His interest in the subject matter and extensive working knowledge of ASEAN region enables him to view the regional development at strategic level, while working in the region he is also fully aware of the operational obstacles faced by businesses in this region.

He holds several professional qualifications including CMA, CISA, FPFA, FCIS and CFC and also a member of professional bodies around the world including ISACA, IIA, IMA, ACFE, ICSP, PIPFA etc. His has recognized leadership skills that a are acknowledged by IMA Leadership Academy and also by ACFE to nominate him as a member of Advisory Council of ACFE, USA. Rizwan is originally from Pakistan and is fluent in many languages and keen on learning new languages and cultures.