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  • Shrabani Bhattacharjee

  • Treasurer and SSC Project Manager
Shrabani Bhattacharjee
Treasurer and SSC Project Manager
Shrabani Bhattacharjee is Treasurer at Indocement Indonesia . In this role, she is responsible for all treasury activities, the preparation of strategic treasury financial plans, managing financial risk, overseeing all aspects of the company’s treasury management information systems, developing treasury policies for the company, and more. In addition to that role, she also served as SSC Project Manager, successfully led SSC projects focused on end-to-end processes and associated systems, controls, reports, and organizations in the finance directorate of Indocement and its subsidiaries.

Prior to her current role, from 2012-2013, Shrabani was Corporate Finance Advisor to Indocement Indonesia, where her responsibilities included analyzing macroeconomic conditions, forecasting and mitigating the interest rate and exchange rate risk, managing liquidity risk, establishing and monitoring investment plans and budget, managing the financial affairs of the company, and more.

Prior to moving to Indonesia in 2012, Shrabani worked at International Leasing and its subsidiary International Leasing Securities Ltd in Bangladesh from 2000 as Head of Treasury and COO respectively.

Shrabani did her BA (Honors) from Jadavpur University in India and MBA in Finance from the University of Lincoln, England. She is Certified Treasury Professional. She is the member of Association for Financial  Professionals  and GARP.